Hypnosis just might solve the problem that's been haunting you

Empower, release, overcome, enhance..... Freedom. A relaxing easy form of healing. With guided imagery and trance I will guide you into a healthier happier place. Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel? Hypnosis is a pleasant journey to wellness.

Stress and Anxiety

Become calm and relaxed. Beneficial suggestions will help you to achieve calm in your day to day life. Your own personal affirmations go with you to remind you at any time that you are in control.

Pain Management

People who suffer chronic pain find this very helpful. I personally use hypnosis for pain myself, after suffering a serious injury. A technique called "dialing it down" gives you control.

Memory/Improve Learning Skills

Improve focus and instant recall. Retain what you learn. Learn how to overcome the fear of... "I can't pass" or "I can't remember". Approach your exam, job or presentation prepared and relaxed.

Athletic Skill Improvement

Use visualization to improve your skill. Remain calm under pressure. This is not a new concept. Have you ever heard the phrase "be the ball"? Guided imagery takes you through the steps to become confident and focused.

Smoking Cessation

Time to kick the habit! If you truly want to quit smoking, hypnosis can do it. You have to be ready and serious about quitting.

Confidence and Low Self Esteem

Hypnosis raises your energy and makes you feel better about yourself. This goes hand in hand with almost every issue a person has. Weight, stress, anxiety, insomnia etc.


"Shut off" the busy mind and rest. We live in a world of turned on and plugged in all the time. Our mind is constantly spinning. Hypnosis will stop the spinning so you can rest. I will also teach you a self hypnosis for when you wake up and can't get back to sleep.

Weight Management

No diets, no cravings. Hypnosis gives you the ability to make better food choices. Enjoy your food more, making you more satisfied. Become motivated to get moving. Weight comes off slowly without craving or feeling unsatisfied.

And Many More