What to Expect During the Process of Hypnosis

Bobbi Beth Wagner CH ~ Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Through the use of relaxation and visualization I help you be the best person you can be. No fear and no stress. Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed physical and mental state in which the consciousness is very focused on something. ‘Busy’, so-to-say. This allows access to one’s own subconscious. Deep hidden insights are available to us and we can activate the self-healing powers. Hypnotherapy helps to improve your quality of life.

With some deep breathing techniques and a guided visualization by me, you will slowly relax into a calm, restful state. Many people refer to this as their ‘Happy Place’. The beach, the forest, where ever it is you decide. This is the same state you reach just before falling asleep at night and just waking in the morning. You are aware but relaxed (a massage for the brain). This allows the subconscious to accept beneficial suggestions. This is where the healing and helping takes place. Whatever your issue, many people experience bonus benefits. Examples are… feeling calmer and relaxed, or feeling more positive and energetic. Each individual is different.

How Sessions Work

First-time Meeting: During the first session, we conduct a detailed preliminary and then discuss a therapy. This can sometimes take up to 2 hours and involves the following…

  • A thorough medical history.
  • A clear explanation of what hypnosis is and what it is not. What is important for your success?
  • Consultation and defining your goals and expectations.
  • Discussion of all outstanding issues.

Hypnosis Sessions: With each session, you have the opportunity to ask questions and to adjust your goals before each meeting.  Together, we discuss your personal situation. The number of sessions depends on your individual needs and issues. Many problems can be alleviated or solved with just one session. It is extremely rare that it would take more than ten.

Conditions: The only requirement is that you want change in your life.

Methods I Use to Give Sessions

All sessions are private, and one-on-one.

In Person: If it’s convenient for you, I give hypnosis in person, face-to-face. In the case that you live too far away, there are other ways I can help you.

Over the Phone: The only difference is you will be given the instructions in the beginning of hypnosis to “if for any reason the call is dropped or we are disconnected, you will be alert and in full control to call back and continue” at which time we will continue the session. This is a very rare occurrence but it is possible.

Recordings: A generalized or personalized recording can be done for you. Again a consultation is important to correctly address your problem. Medical history and medications as well as any concerns you may have. I will then record a hypnosis session addressing your issue and email it to you. You can listen on any device you can read your email on, with or without headphones, as long as you aren’t driving or using machinery, etc.

As with any hypnosis you should be in a calm, quiet area where you will not be disturbed or distracted. This is your time to focus on you, enjoy it!

Group Events

I also organize group sessions and events. Some of these are free. The only time there’s charge for an event is if the venue has attendance fees. This is paid directly to them upon registration or your arrival, depending on event. All details are available on our events calendar.


Consultations are free. Fees are on an individual basis depending on problem and goals and agreed upon in advance. Face-to-face sessions can be paid for in cash before start of the first session, on the date of the session. PayPal is available for remote sessions and recordings. Unfortunately, hypnosis therapy is not yet covered by medical insurance.

Cancellations: If you are unable to take make your appointment, please reschedule or cancel at least 48 hours prior.

Contact Me: If you want to schedule a consultation or need more information, call me at (610) 390-8327, or use my contact page to send me a message.

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